Friday, October 2, 2009

Summer Vacation

During the summers, I send some dogs to tour operations. The dogs get to run around rather than being bored and hot in the Fairbanks sun, and, they are fed by someone else. Here are a few pictures of the operation above Girdwood, Alaska.

This is Bullet. She is an attention hog. I've learned to not take it personally; she loves everyone.

This is Nikki. She's also very friendly. Actually, they're all very friendly. Nikki's one of my better dogs; leggy, has a lot of endurance, and is always enthusiastic.

This is Dill (black dog) and Beaver. These were my two main men last year. They led during the majority of all my races. Dill is out of Aliy Zirkle's kennel and Beaver is a Swingley dog. I love them both!

I'll put more pictures up when I figure out how to make them larger!

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