Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall Training in the Alaskan Burbs

Last year at this time, I was traning on trails that climb 1200 feet to the top of the ridge just north of the house. But we had snow then. Now we don't. The trails are EXTREMELY bumpy. I tried to go up them last week, and decided that the 4 wheeler may fall apart if I did that again. So I am continuing to build miles by running through the neighborhoods around the house. It's not a bad thing; and thank god I don't have just one 'out and back' to repeat 10 times a day.

I've taken some video clips of the runs and rest, trying to introduce the dogs and give you a glimps of 'the day in the life of a distance musher' and the dogs she owns. A couple of the files are large so I had to load them on YouTube and provide the link for you to watch them.

The first video is just showing the dogs running and taking some turns. This is what I watch for hours while training...... and I never, ever tire of watching the dogs.

The next video is the team during a little rest stop.

The third video is a short clip of what it looks like right after the dogs have been hooked up - crazy. Everyone is amped.

The next video is the beginning of the run with the second team.

The final video is the second team during a rest, and highlighting some of the more outspoken dogs:

I'm learning all this high-tech stuff as required, so there may be an easier way of showing videos. You will notice if I figure this out.

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