Friday, November 13, 2009

The Two Year Olds.... and Snake

A little scheduling snaffoo allowed only one team to run today, so I thought I better run the 2 yr olds. They take more miles to get fit, compared to adults, so just need more miles on them before a race. This also means that my leaders were 2 year olds. I was hoping for minimal requirements for any decisions to be made up front, no loose dogs, and no other dog teams. Well, we had one loose dog, 2 dogs on leash that we had to pass, and a couple of gee/haw options. Venus and Grumpy did great.

It also snowed like craze today! Inches and inches. Most of the run was unbroken trail, much deeper snow than in the pictures. It was also going up hill. This was hard work for the dogs so I just took it slow.

Grumpy and Venus at a rest stop, half way through a long run (32 miles). The dogs popped the brake on the 4-wheel right after I took this and just about ran me over.

My swing dogs, Kaligan and Kora (both part of the K litter). Kaligan's hogging her side to get at some snow cones.

This is Snake and Kaltag. Snake is a brother of Beaver, Sadie and Pepsi (he's an adult, either 4 or 5 years old). I'm trying him out. He's a big strong dog and has a lot to say during stops.

Kaltag is ready to go!

Weasley and Kobuk.

Wizard (brother of Weasely) and Kiana (more K dogs).

Muggles (brother of Wizard and Weasley) and Diamond in wheel.

And we're off...

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  1. Hey Doc Rose,
    I'm so glad I came and read your blog! VERY interesting and awesome! Sort of wished I would of stayed in AK, so that well... I wanna be a part! It is just cool to hear all that is going on, and remember that first race you did, and I sort of handled for you. :) That was such an experience! Oh, another reason it is awesome is b/c Brianna thinks she is going to grow up to be an Alaskan Dog Musher! :) I'm 100% supportive! I miss AK, like everyone said I would. A lot of things have changed over the years, but I still miss AK and would come back any time! I hope training continues to go well. When is your first race????